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MSK assist update OUT NOW on Android & IOS

We’re proud to reveal the latest version of MSK assist

Changes Include:

New onboarding screens

A complete visual make-over

Lots of behind the scenes improvements

Select your own treatment plans from the MSK assist Patient Hub

Even more exercises

What's in your treatment plan

Clinical Impression

Understand your condition with detailed information provided by professionals.


Your Options

Advice about how to ease your condition, from losing weight to taking it easy.



Monitor your recovery by answering a few simple questions every two weeks.



Video exercises selected by MSK clinicians to assist in the recovery of each condition.


Appointment History

View the history of your appointments whenever the clinician used MSK assist.



The timeline of your recovery including when flare-ups and swelling may occur.


Help and Support

If you were provided msk assist by a clinician you can get their contact details here.


Starting your recovery takes less than a minute

wait…. there’s more

Video Library

Pop over to our video library to find out how a few small lifestyle tweaks can prevent injury and assist recovery.