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for common hip conditions
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OA Hip
affected area
Signs & Symptoms
  • Groin/ Buttock pain
  • Commonly refers to anterior thigh and knee
  • Pain on walking, stairs, prolonged weight bearing.
  • Stiffness of less than 30 mins after prolonged inactivity
  • Decreased Range Of Movement, crepitus and pain on movement
  • Unable to touch feet or functional difficulty with shoes and socks
Lateral Hip Pain
affected area
Signs & Symptoms
  • Pain over Greater Trochanter
  • Worse on walking/ Standing
  • Pain with hip abduction
  • Pain on palpation
  • Pain in side lying
Anterior Hip Pain
affected area
Signs & Symptoms
  • Deep anterior Hip and Groin pain.
  • Acute related to Injury or insidious related to overuse
  • Aggivators: prolonged sitting / walking / crossed legs/ during sports and exercise (Flexion/ Medial rotation)
  • Pain intermittent and mechanical
  • Decreased hip flexion and Internal rotation
  • Under 45 years old

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